Myrtle Beach a Family Vacation Dream

Many families now look forward to vacationing in Myrtle Beach as it has now been recognized as America’s favourite vacation destination. In reaching the top billing, Myrtle Beach had to surpass places like the Disney resorts. Family Myrtle Beach Hotel Deals are now the most sought after thing for many vacationers but fortunately, there are many such deals available on the internet.

In part, the success of Myrtle Beach as a family vacation destination is due to its location. Being situated in South Carolina, Myrtle Beach is within a single day’s drive of 50% of America’s population and therefore accessible cheaply and quickly for even the shorter vacations. The fact that Myrtle Beach connects with 60 miles of beautiful sandy beaches also helps as people can partake in unlimited water sports whilst there. Among some of the more favourite water sports undertaken at Myrtle Beach are parasailing and jet-skiing but the more traditional banana and paddle boat rides, snorkel and scuba diving, kayaking, fishing and swimming still remain popular.

As well as being located next to the beach, Myrtle Beach is also located next to two state parks which allow vacationers to go hiking and picnicking and one of the parks also is home to one of the largest reptile parks in the world. For those visitors that like to see nature in a more organized form, Myrtle is also home to Brookgreen Gardens which purport to be among America’s top ten.

Myrtle Beach is the location of America’s first observation wheel and Skywheeel, as it is called, has 42 glass gondolas which carry people in controlled temperature conditions to a height of 187 feet in order to allow them to get panoramas of the coastline.

More traditional attractions at Myrtle Beach include Ripley’s Aquarium where all manner of sea life can be seen at their different exhibits. Some of the exhibits include Dangerous Reef and Rio Amazon and between all the exhibits it is possible to see, apart from the hundreds of different coloured tropical fish, more popular sights like sharks, turtles and rays. There is also an amusement park which has many fun games and recreations including 35 rides. Some of these rides are new additions having only been opened as late as 2014 but included among these 35 rides is a steel roller coaster called Twist ‘N Shout which certainly receives much attention. Myrtle Waves Water Park is another attraction which receives a lot of attention as it uses over 1,000,000 gallons of water to provide excitement in the form of waves, swerves, chutes and splashes for all in attendance.

Of course there are still those people that think that no vacation would be complete without at least one round of golf and so, in the Myrtle Beach area alone, there are over 100 golf courses to choose from. Plus for those that like motor sports, the Myrtle Speedway has seen great names like Earnhardt learn their NASCAR skills on its track.