There are several reasons why people have websites, if they are a business then they may have a website so that their business is visible, people can see what they have to offer in the way of products or services. If someone has a hobby, they may want to share details of that hobby with others. Then there are those people that have websites in order to try and make money from advertisements that are placed on the website. Whatever the reason for the website though, the owner of the website will probably want as many people to see at as possible. For that reason they should try and make the website as visible to the search engines as possible and so that will probably mean using SEO which is a term used for Search Engine Optimization. With SEO on a website that site should be easy for the search engines to pick up and so they will usually place that particular website at the top of the results they show when a web search is made. However, it is not worth getting people to visit a website if those people, as soon as they have been directed to it leave. This means that a website must be attractive enough for people to stay on it as long as it takes to see what it is you have to offer. In the case of a business website, as it is estimated that 40% of web business is now carried out by return visitors to websites, the content on the websites should be changed frequently so that it does not become boring for return visitors and this can be the same for other websites as well. The content on websites must therefore be added to or replaced on a regular basis if the website is to remain effective in any way. There are websites though like which refresh the content themselves. How it achieves this is by allowing visitors to the site to post things of interest to them which they think may also interest others. The content of the site is meant to be amazing facts or new innovations, perhaps unique gift ideas and other unusual but interesting stuff. As the website is being continuously added to by its visitors, all the website owner has to do is monitor what is being added to the site and removing it if it is inappropriate in any way. Other website owners are not as fortunate though and so they may have to employ someone to update their website regularly or otherwise buy content to update it. Often the best option for a website owner is to hire a website developer as by doing that, not only will the developer ensure that the content on the site is updated regularly but they will also update any SEO as required. It is usually advisable to hire a website developer from the outset as they can assist in the design of the website, ensuring it is attractive to web users.