Christmas In Paris

Christmas is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate this time of year than to go out of town as a family and travel to the wonderful city of Paris. The city of lights really comes to life in this season and you will get to see the trees in Champs-Elysees be filled with strings of light. The Eiffel Tower also becomes brighter and you can clearly see it at night time.

Aside from viewing the lights in Paris, there are other great places that you can go and visit during this holiday season. But before anything else, you should first be able to find a suitable home for you and your family. Many have already suggested to go and rent an apartment instead of staying in a hotel because it is much cosier in an apartment. You just have to be careful about reading the paris apartment rentals reviews because some of them may not be true. If you think the reviews are just too good to be true then just find another apartment to rent for the holidays.

If you love ice skating then you will love the temporary ice skating rinks that the city sets up. The location varies each year but most of the time there is one in the square near the Paris city Hall. It is free to skate at these rinks but if you don’t have your own pair, then you can just rent one out.

There are also services in the churches that happen during Christmas Eve and most of them are in English so you don’t really need to speak French to participate in the service. Aside from the Christmas mass, you can also visit the different churches in Paris even if there is no service to get to see the nativity scenes that each of them have set-up.

Christmas Markets

When Christmas is near, you can also expect that there are lots of Christmas markets that will appear. If you love shopping then you will have the many things that they have on sale. They have different treats and holiday foods that you should try out. You can find some of the markets near the Saint Sulpice church, on Champs-Elysees as well as under the Grand Arch in La Defense. Aside from the markets, you can also shop in the different department stores and boutiques that are found all around the city.

Christmas Food

The meal that is served during the holiday season is called Reveillon and it is served after the Christmas Eve mass or during New Year. These are mostly private and spent only with the family or close friends. Aside from these meals you also shouldn’t miss some of the treats that are offered. Vin Chaud is mulled wine that is warmed and served to heat up your tummy as well as your hands. Roast chestnuts are also great snacks that help you warm up. Another dessert that you should try is the Buche de Noel. It is a pound cake that comes in the shape of a piece of wood and is rolled and covered with buttercream frosting.