Jersey Shore Vacations

Jersey Shore is becoming increasingly popular as a get-away for vacationing families that usually live in the big cities. The reason for this is that the Shore can provide an atmosphere of laid back relaxation at the same time as offering a variety of attractions and activities that will appeal to the whole family. In order to fully enjoy their vacations, many families will book vacation rentals for the duration of their stay and from those they can feel at home whilst still enjoying a well-deserved break. Of the many rentals available, top Berkshire Hathaway Rentals are among the most popular and are located all along the Shore.

With a variety of locations to choose from, families can get to choose the one that seems most suitable for their particular needs but all of the Jersey Shore locations share the same laid back, relaxing atmosphere of a small town, regardless of how popular they may be.

With a population of just 12,000, Ocean City is among the most popular destinations and receives about one million visitors through the course of the season. Although that may seem a lot for a place that maintains a small town atmosphere, you must remember that those visitors are spread along the 7 miles of superb sandy beaches which Ocean City has to offer. With those beaches of course comes the opportunity to relax in the sun or perhaps play a friendly game of beach volleyball or tennis. As the sea laps against the sands, there is of course also a lot of different water sports that can be enjoyed, including swimming, kayaking, sailing and wakeboarding.

Sea Isle City was little more than a fishing village until family vacationers realized that it was the ideal place to relax away from the city’s hustles and bustles. Now that fishing village is among the favourites for family vacationers and yet it still upkeeps its fishing village appeal. To go with the pristine white sands and glorious meadows, Sea Isle City now also offers visitors free summer concerts on what is becoming its famous promenade.

Sharing 8 miles of magnificent beach are the two towns of Avalon and Stone Harbour. Although the combined area is known as Avalon, Stone harbour is an important part of the combination. Between these two towns, a vast array of water sports are offered as well as an abundance of activities away from the water, such as horseback riding, renting land rovers or the more relaxing visits to parks and playgrounds. In order to match Stone harbour’s famous 96th shopping district, Avalon now has its own Dune Drive where no less than one hundred different shops are located.

For those families that like a little break but still enjoy the hustle of crowds, Brigantine is perhaps the ideal choice for them as, as well as being a delightful get-away with great beaches, it is located only minutes from the more crowded and famous Atlantic City, allowing families to combine the best of both worlds.