Desert Hiking Necessities: Tips & Ideas For Desert Survival

Are you planning for a desert hiking trip one of these days? Well, this can be one of the best experiences you’ll have so far. Not all people are given the chance to go on desert hiking as many would claim this to be something hard, difficult, exhausting and expensive. Not to mention of course the varying risks and dangers that lie ahead. These things can be avoided though, especially if you have planned your trip accordingly and ahead of time. You need to take note a desert hiking activity does not only entail fun and a whole new adventure but a way by which you can test your strength, stamina and patience. And as far as your hiking activity is concerned, it is important to learn some important hints and ideas that will surely enhance your chances of surviving even in the deepest part of the desert wilderness. A preparedness or survival kit, for one is a very essential thing that you need to include in your desert hiking necessities. It can be used for road trips and other methods of explorations but this time, it can be used for your hiking and climbing in the desert.

To be able to come up with an essential survival kit for your desert hiking activity, it is important to include a 2-bladed knife (Boy Scout type) in your kit to ensure multiple usages. There are different kinds of practical knives found on the market today. You also need to include some large leaf bags to offer instant shelter for your body from the cold weather or from the sun. These days, there are retail shops that sell solar blankets that offer such kind of protection. It is also important to include a small mirror in your desert hiking necessities. A mirror proves to be an effective way to help you relay signals in case of an emergency. You should also include a compass to your kit which proves to be very essential especially when you are locating your whereabouts in the middle of the desert. Have about a dozen boxes of waterproof matches to create fire or when you need to light something. A heavy thread with eight strands and a hundred feet long is something that you should bring along with you for shelter building, snares and clothing/gear repair.

Your desert hiking necessities should also include water purification tablets (about a dozen tablets is good enough). Make sure to choose the iodine type because it is much dependable compared to the halazone type. The iodine type can be dissolved as an antiseptic. An adhesive tape is also an essential addition to your survival kit as it cannot only be used for first aid purposes but for clothing repair, cactus removal and tying as well. You should not also forget to include balloons for signaling, candle stub, pencil stub, alcohol wipes, note papers, emergency medications like aspirin, inhaler and Tylenol.

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