The Popularity of Canada

Canada is perhaps one of the favourite destinations for people that want to immigrate but fortunately it is also one of the easiest destinations to immigrate to. Because of its size and its small population, Canada always seems to be short in certain areas of its work force and in order to fill these shortfalls, the Canadian Federal Government allows foreigners to enter the country with a work Visa and later permanently live in the country. To help facilitate an easy process for those workers wanting to move to Canada, the Federal Government produces a list known as the Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC) which lists the trades and professions that the country is most in need of. As the country is divided into 10 Provinces and 3 territories, each of those is also allowed to produce a list of the trades and professions they are most in need of. These lists and other information to assist in helping people immigrate to Canada are available at where they will tell you that if you are qualified in one of the trades or professions listed on any of those lists, you will receive preferential treatment when applying for entry to the country. You are not though prevented from applying if your trade or profession is not listed on these lists it is just that you won’t get that preferential treatment which would make the process easier and faster. This website has greatly helped people to immigrate to Canada in the past and continues to do so today but twice in its recent history it has been so busy with enquiries about immigration to Canada that it had to close, not re-opening until several hours later. Although the website receives visitors from all around the globe, it has on two occasions been visited by so many Americans all at one time that it was forced to close for a short while. It would appear that when it seems there is going to be some financial or political problems in the United States, Canada’s neighbor; many American’s first thoughts are to immigrate to Canada. Anyway the reason for these two particular surges in enquiries from Americans was first the massive drop in Wall Street Stock Exchange prices a couple of years ago and more lately the winning of the United States Presidential election by Donald Trump. Although after the first instance the number of actual Americans that did immigrate was not as many as had made enquiries, we will probably have to wait until Trump enters the White House to see if the same will be the case with the second instance. Most people applying for immigration to Canada are not used to the extremely cold temperatures that Canadians can experience in the winter months and so if they are successful, they had better be prepared to get a little cold, especially if they move to one of the provinces or territories in the north of the country.

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