Visiting Lanzarote

If you have ever visited the island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, you probably would have done so as one of the thousands of mass tourists that arrive by charter flights every year. Lanzarote is one of the Canary Islands located 1000 miles south of Europe’s Iberian Peninsula and 125 miles west of Africa’s coast. Lanzarote is the most easterly of the island group and like some of the other islands, enjoys a healthy tourism industry. Like similar Spanish islands like Majorca and the southern Spain coastal resorts, most visitors to Lanzarote are ones that do not travel alone but rather as part of a large group on a chartered flight. By travelling this way and having the hotels booked in bulk, the vacations are far cheaper, allowing a larger number of people to enjoy the sun, sea and sand which these destinations offer. Most of these tourists are from the northern European countries that do not enjoy such fine weather and so visit the islands in their thousands.

Catering to these large numbers of tourists requires that the destinations have large hotels with hundreds of rooms available and although these hotels are always comfortable and some are even luxurious, due to their size they lack the ability to provide any personal attention. The more discerning travellers that have a few extra dollars to spare therefore travel alone or as family groups, avoiding these mass tourism destinations, instead opting for somewhere which can offer personal attention. Lanzarote has now taken the decision to change its image to one which is more inviting to the independent travellers, a destination that as well as catering to the mass tourism industry can also cater to the personal attentions of more discerning travellers.

Now a new hotel lanzarote has opened and has started to show the way forward for the island. The hotel La Isla y el Mar is what is classed as a boutique hotel only having 82 suites and so can offer a more personal service for guests. Although only small compared to most of the other hotels on the island, this hotel is not short on the amenities that are found in the larger hotels. A swimming pool and terrace offers visitors one of the best vantage points on the island for viewing the ocean and there is a bar on the terrace to allow those guests to eat ice cream or sip cocktails whilst enjoying the view or whilst just relaxing after a cooling swim. With two restaurants to choose from guests are spoiled for choice, either to eat from an a la carte menu featuring modern fusion cuisine or eating buffet style in the other restaurant but which ever restaurant they chose, they will have a choice of either local or international dishes. To complete the relaxing and pampered to stay, the hotel has a spa which offers a selection of different treatments with one of the most popular ones being the ‘his and hers’ couples treatment.

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